Victoria Košíře – building progress 4/2019

1. 4. 2019

The M2 rough construction is almost completed. Roof waterproofing was carried out. Performs in the bathroom, water distribution, sewerage and electrical distribution in individual apartments. Scaffolding is being built and the facade is gradually being built. Construction cranes will be dismantled in the near future.

Victoria Košíře – building progress 1/2019

23. 1. 2019

The rough structure of the M1 is completed, the rough building of the M2 is completed, where the part of the building that has been omitted due to the transportation of the building material to the inner courtyard is completed. Gradually installing windows, partition walls and partitions and distributing installations (electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation).

Victoria Košíře – building progress 11/2018

27. 11. 2018

The project now undergoes work on reinforced concrete or masonry supporting structures of the upper floors of individual buildings, on the lower floors there is the construction of non-load-bearing walled partitions, partitions and distribution of electrical wiring in dwellings. Further work is underway to fill and compact the soil in the courtyard.

Residence Palata – 1st place in the competition REALITY PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2018

21. 11. 2018

Residence Palata won 1st place in the competition REALITY PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2018 in the category „Architect’s price“, not only in Prague 5, but also all over the Czech Republic☝️💪👌.

Residence Palata – created

18. 11. 2018

We are happy to announce, that our residential project Rezidence Palata has been completed.
There are only few apartments left, including unique 175m2 flat in top floor with views over Husovy Sady park.
Explore impressiving living at Strahov. (close to Strahov nebo close to Strahov Prague.)



Victoria Košíře – concreting of monolithic construction during progress of works in 2-3 floor.

21. 9. 2018

Concreting of monolithic construction during progress of works in 2-3 floor. There are cellars in underground floors and work on lining in above-ground floors.

More at www.victoriakosire.cz

Green Village in progression

12. 8. 2018

We would like to wish all our clients a wonderful summer. Our architects are currently preparing a project called “Housing by the golf”

Victoria Košíře – ongoing concreting of monolithic construction

25. 7. 2018

Construction of the exclusive project Victoria Košíře in full swing.  Concreting of monolithic construction during progress of works.

More at www.victoriakosire.cz

Real-Treuhand is the main partner of Sky Film Festival Cup 2018

5. 7. 2018

We were the main partner of the 20th Official Tennis Tournament Sky Film Festival Cup 2018 in The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
This exceptional tournament brought together personalities from business, social, cultural and sports life.

Real-Treuhand partner attendance at introduction of a new collection New Spirit by artistic glassmaker Gordan Glass

2. 7. 2018

Real-Treuhand partner attendance at introduction of a new collection New Spirit by artistic glassmaker Gordan Glass.

5) Real-Treuhand partner attendance at fashion show named PARIS ROMANCE by designer Alena Wilson

23. 6. 2018
  • Real-Treuhand partner attendance at fashion show named PARIS ROMANCE by designer Alena Wilson.

Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup Golf Tournament 2018

7. 6. 2018

Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup Golf Tournament 2018.

The Residence Palata – 60% sold

17. 6. 2018

In The Residence Palata 60% of all apartments are already sold!

Have a look at the offer of our apartments at www.rezidencepalata.cz



The Residence Palata – Ongoing completing activities

24. 5. 2018

Currently the construction of The Residence Palata  is being completed with the activities of distribution of pipes, plasters and the construction of the floors.

The Residence Palata – rough-in construction completed

15. 12. 2017

On Tuesday 12th of Decembef 2017, on the occasion of the completion of the rough construction,  we raised a building „glajcha“. This indicates reaching the highest level of the building. Glajcha is a traditional tree decorated with ribbons. This custom is to protect the house from the evil elements and ensures happiness and health to the new residents.

We hope for the smooth and uncomplicated construction working progress and look forward to Residence Palata welcoming their new residents in the early fall next year.

The Real Treuhand & Asklepion Fundraising Event 2017

28. 11. 2017

Alongside with The Aesthetic Medical Clinic Asklepion we organized a fundraising event at our representative premises in our company. All the raised money went to Childhood Vascular Tumors Treatment.

Fashion show of Tatiana Kovaříková and many kind guests left us all with a great feeling that we could be of any help.