About the company

The Development company Real-Treuhand is a subsidiary of the largest Austrian regional bank Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich.

Its main aim is to offer its clients something unique. The high quality design is an absolute standard and uniqueness must be based on the overall concept of the project.

It focuses on smaller residential constructions in stabilized urban areas. The ambition of Real-Treuhand is definitely not to build a modern housing estate on the outskirts of the city nor in places without tradition. It is trying to design buildings so as to enrich the site and contribute to its further development. It places emphasis on a modern architectural design that respects the surrounding buildings, and therefore always works with leading architects. The location selected for a future project must always have something extra – such as wonderful views not only from the highest floors of the building.

This gives future owners a guarantee of lasting value and the appreciation of their investments.

Real-Treuhand has already implemented projects not only in Prague, but also in other parts of the country. In Prague, the projects Vyšehradská 33 and Rezidence Zenklova are now for sale.

Projects outside of Prague include the successful reconstruction of the art nouveau palace Biskupská 8 in Brno, which was the home of the brothers Pavel and Huga Haas, or the apartments and commercial premises of the Podzámčí project in Hluboká nad Vltavou. Currently, the construction of the 2nd stage of the Green Village project near Benešov has been completed.



Why premium living?

The projects of the REAL-TREUHAND company are exceptional, be it for their unique architectural design, a location meeting the highest demands for a modern active lifestyle and a maximum emphasis on the selection of standard features. They offer premium living for the most demanding clients – individuals and families with children.

A high standard, an emphasis on detail and quality materials

The standard features of REAL-TREUHAND projects satisfy the demands of the most demanding clients with aesthetic quality, efficiency and functionality. They are chosen with a maximum emphasis on the comfort of residents and a clean modern design complementing the refined architectural and technical design of the entire building. The flats are furnished exclusively with the finest products from leading manufacturers.

Top architects and studios contribute to projects

REAL-TREUHAND projects are designed in cooperation with renowned architects and the best architectural studios. This collaboration produces extraordinary works reflecting the long-term concept of creating intimate and architecturally unique residential buildings. Characterised by authenticity and distinctiveness, their design reflects the plot and surrounding area to the maximum extent. The special and formally interesting design of the buildings ranks them among the very best of contemporary architecture. The maximum emphasis on the harmony of form and function guarantees exceptional living in these unique projects.

We choose project sites with the greatest emphasis on the quality of civic amenities

The locations of REAL-TREUHAND projects fulfil the highest demands on the modern and active lifestyle of individuals of any age and even families with children. All civic amenities, from nursery schools to government offices, restaurants and sports facilities, are found nearby. The locations naturally also offer good transportation accessibility to the city centre, and natural areas are also within easy reach.