Rezidence Palata / Praha 5

Status: The project is approved and the apartments are ready to move in immediately

Rezidence Palata is the work of leading Czech architect Jan Šesták from Studio pha. With the project, Real-Treuhand proceeds with an extraordinarily co-operation with his architectural studio on the .142 RADLICKÁ project.

The residence’s name reflects the history of the place, where the well-known DOLNÍ PALATA farmstead used to stand previously.

The original building, on the site of which the residence will be built, was named according to the building sign “AT BLUE GRAPE´s ”.

The PALATA project on Holečkova Street is set in a location under Strahov that is attractive in many ways and provides peaceful housing near Kinský Garden, close to the centre of Prague. It is a traditional residential area eith well-established shops, services, transport lines and all other infrastructure elements. The Anděl shopping and cultural centre is within easy reach.

For more information, please visit the project website, or look at the gallery and the current range of apartments.


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Detail of the apartment

Apart. # B32 / 4-5+kk / 166,50 m2 / 8. NP
1 předsíň 20,10 m2
2 obývací pokoj + KK 55,80 m2
3 WC 2,80 m2
4 komora 1,20 m2
5 koupelna + WC 6,50 m2
6 ložnice 18,50 m2
7 ložnice 21,60 m2
8 ložnice 16,70 m2
9 chodba 5,00 m2
10 koupelna + WC 4,60 m2
11 pracovna 13,70 m2
12 terasa 25,50 m2